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A dear icon…

Just a moment ago, I learned that one of my all time favorites died today. I don’t have cable and my TV reception is non-existent. I don’t look at news sites and I’m not on Facebook. When my girl told me, it hit me like a ton of bricks right in the chest. I don’t know why. Never met him. I sat on the end of the bed and cried. I mean bawled as I saw his celebrity life pass before my eyes and how it made me feel at the time.

Robin Williams was one of the greats. I first saw him on Happy Days and then on to his own sitcom Mork and Mindy. His quick wit and sense of humor was something I really admired. I saw every movie he put out. He was an awesome actor, as is many comedians. Even in the dark dramas, he was excellent. Dead Poets Society was one of those movies that reaffirmed my path as an artist.

To really put into words of how he became one of those elements that help shape my perspective on life…I have none. 

A chapter has ended. A paged turned. And hearts broken.

Be at peace Robin. You were the crazy uncle I never had the pleasure to meet.

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