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For every single wave we ride, we must paddle against many. Surfing will teach you about perception. That wave coming toward you may be an obstacle to overcome or the very reward you’re looking for. It just depends on where you’re at in the water and which way you’re facing.

After all these years…

…of spiritual insight,
…of educational facts that have been hammered into my brain,
…of experiencing every emotion known,
…of traveling and spending time in different cultures,
…of surviving hardships of poverty and even homelessness,
…of reveling in wealth and the ease of comfort,
…of having true friendships,
…of making the worst of enemies,
…of knowing the passion and pain of love…and hate,

the only words to ever cross my lips that will be acknowledged, by most, as the honest truth is…

"I don’t know. I never have and I never will." 

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